//The Company

Created out of a market gap for truly luxurious activewear that’s as focused on performance as it is on the perfect fit and design, Ultracor strives to bring innovation and sustainability into a space where fashion and fitness converge. Led by long time fashion industry vet and female entrepreneur, Asha Kai, Ultracor merges unmatched style with ever-evolving technology, to bring the highest level products to the health-conscious audience, athletes, and athleisure-lovers alike. As a leader in sustainability, Ultracor practices vertical fashion, with every item made to order out of top-quality materials,

in the U.S. and in-house, so as to never overproduce. Ultracor brings the latest engineering to every style, guaranteeing flawless execution on all fronts. From digital printing and unique bonding for seamless integration, to patented compression-360™ technology that helps burn calories while decreasing recovery time, Ultracor reimagines the relationship between fashion and technology. We deliver top tier styles that are constantly improving—because progressing, elevating standards, and breaking barriers is what makes the Ultracor DNA.