Ben Madden is President of MRR Brands, a mixed-asset media holdings company targeting consumer brand & media channels with high growth monthly recurring revenue models. We exclusively look for opportunities that bring value to both our sellers and our investors.


MRR Brands is led by Ben Madden, who has over 2 decades of Private Equity Experience. His expertise allows us to deliver short term l and long term opportunities with solid investor returns and minimal risk.

  MRR Brands has maintained a 95+ percent investor retention rate and is pleased to provide investment returns well in excess of publicly traded and bank interest bearing investments.

As CEO of MRR Lending, David Murow leads our multi-family real estate syndications and private mortgage lending platform. David has over 17 years of commercial & residential real estate and lending experience.


The firm culture is one based on collaboration, innovation, cohesion, discipline and focus. The sharing of ideas is encouraged, and teamwork is rewarded. We approach every new day with passion and integrity, endeavoring to create a workplace where every member of the team can excel.

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